Hey guys, it’s been a while.

I just wanted to hop on and give you guys a bit of an update.

I took this quiz recently which cost $50…yes, hubby wasn’t too pleased about that one, that basically told me what my core strengths are (it’s called clifton’s gallup stregnths finder for those who are interested) and one thing that kept showing up on there was that I’m extremely FUTURE oriented. As in, I tend to forget and push the past to the side, meaning I don’t learn from my mistakes, or take time to pat myself on the back for my accomplishments. AND it means I don’t take the time to live in the NOW.

Now, I don’t know about you guys but I’m a HUUUUGE sucker for self-help books and anything inspirational and literally the sum of all that stuff is to appreciate the now and learn from past mistakes. So you can see why this may have taken me by surprise.

So this post is all about reflecting on the last year, whilst simultaneously giving ya’ll a life update. Let us begin:

  1. We’ve moved into our house. Yes. You heard correctly. We are no longer homeless. It is not completed and there is still construction being done and LOTS more projects on the horizon but we are living. On our own. In our own place. And we are thrilled. We’re legit playing house and it’s adorable.
  2. Dovid got a new job and I’m starting a new job soon which will G-d willing, get us closer to financial stability. We’re nowhere near, but at least we’re taking the right steps to get there.
  3. My son made it into kindergarten and I am SO grateful to the school for accommodating him.
  4. I’ve started to incorporate prayer into my daily routine. No, it doesn’t happen every day. But yes, it is now a part of my life and it is life-changing.
  5. We had a garage sale and we got rid of stuff that’s been sitting around in storage forever and as an organizer, I could not be happier about it.
  6. We’re being social. Since moving in we’ve had quite a few guests for Shabbat and it feels so good to have people over again!
  7. I’m still figuring out who I am…29 is an appropriate age to do that, right? And have made some changes, internal and external, to reflect that. (More posts on this to come)
  8. I’ve realized that I miss blogging. So whether or not I decide to keep doing this regularly or not, I did want to say I miss chatting with you guys and especially the individual messages you guys send are super meaningful.
  9. I’ve been living rather unhealthily these last few years and I’m really going to make a change. (I was tempted to write “TRY to make a change but that’s just giving me a way out). Health has always been a priority in my mind, but now it’s time to bring that into fruition.
  10. I’m learning that I have many many flaws. And because I’m so future oriented, I rarely ever stop to acknowledge them and try to improve upon them. You see I’m a perfectionist and it’s really hard for me to accept that I’m not perfect. I know that sounds super stuck up, and I can accept that I’m not perfect in a lot of ways (terrible cook, can’t catch a ball to save my life, etc), but when it comes to being a good person, I thought I was doing everything right. Turns out; I was wrong. Very wrong. I hurt people unintentionally all the time and I don’t want to be that way anymore. Reading all the self-help books is one thing, but actually changing who you are as a person is a completely different animal. If anyone has any tips for me as I navigate this new territory, I’ll take all the advice I can get!

Anyhow hope you guys have a great Shabbat! Love y’all!




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