2018 goals.

I know I’m a little late to the game and people usually think about these things during New Years, but it’s getting close to my birthday month (June, btw). I don’t know if I’m the only one who does this, but every year on my birthday, I take stock of what I’ve accomplished, how I’ve grown, and how I’ve impacted others’ lives during the past year. Typically, I get super depressed on my birthday because I think of all the things I didn’t do/become. Not this year. This year I’m proud to be alive. This year I’m thankful and grateful for survival. My goal list is not my rule book, but my tour guide. They’re friendly suggestions pointing me in the right direction. Veering off the path and taking the road less traveled may actually prove to be better than the original plan, so don’t sweat it if not everything gets checked off this list! (Talking to myself here. Normal, right?)

And with that, I give you my 2018 personal goals (I have other lists for what I want to contribute to the people in my life.) Shocking that there are more lists , I know 😉

  1. File for Bankruptcy. See my last post for details.
  2. File Taxes…for all the years. Oh..did I mention? I haven’t filed my taxes…like ever. My next post may be written from a jail cell? (PSA, I do not take this lightly for those of you who were concerned and I am currently working on said taxes as we speak).
  3. Move into my house. This is definitely other post-worthy, but we have a house that my husband has been renovating for the last two years…on his own. We are currently living in my in-law’s guest house.
  4. Lose weight and get healthy with old school methods. Eat healthy, exercise, drink water, take vitamins, sleep, etc.
  5. Up my organizing game. Time to work more hours and brain-storm more ways to bring in the dough with my organizing business. So #1 never happens again. Ever.
  6. Walk an official 5k. Gotta start somewhere, right?
  7. Make a new friend. Blog post coming soon about this one.
  8. Bring style back into my life. Shlumpy clothes, you have no place in my life. Be gone. And hello, makeup!
  9. Make a vision board. I have a blank poster board waiting in my closet to be glued full of inspirational magazine clippings.
  10. Be more spiritual. I want to be more connected to G-d. I need a spiritual retreat to Israel where I can zen out by the Kotel and just say tehillim for hours on end. Omg! Can we start a bohemian glamping (AKA glamorous camping)/resort retreat somewhere out in the Israeli dessert?! Complete with delicious kosher healthy food, comfy pillows, and Coachella attire? Cool. I’m so down! But in reality, I would love to carve out some time every now and then to just talk to Hashem.
  11. Start a youtube channel. Learn photography and videography. Get over fear of being in front of the camera.
  12. Start a blog. Check 😉

I’m thinking of doing posts (and G-d Willing) videos about all of these goals separately. I love that I’ve written them down here for all to see. It makes me feel more accountable. But again, if it doesn’t happen the way I picture, it’s all good.

Thanks for supporting me on my journey. And if you’re feeling generous, please share one or more of the things on YOUR bucket/goal list for this year in the comment section below. I’d love to know! We’re in this together, guys! 🙂


Nehama 🙂


  1. Well my goal is very me – I would love to be able to get my photo albums up to date, my wedding one and my child’s one.


  2. That’s a great list Nehama. Here’s my list in progress:
    1. Connect with family. Like, really connect instead of living lives in the same house wishing we could spend more time together.
    2. Become the boss of my money, as much as that’s possible. Make a budget instead of wondering where everything went.
    3. Find a way to have a vacation even if it means going nowhere in particular. Vacation can be a state of mind. But you’ve gotta go there sometimes.
    4. Get organized. Make menus for the week, make time for exercise, make time to read without people interrupting, make time to clean up with a regular schedule, make time to sleep… Maybe it’s yeish mi’ayin, but it might just be organization.
    5. Eat healthy most of the time. Also might be connected to #4.

    I think this is a good start =)!

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  3. I have two goals. First, I am determined to obtain healthcare this year. I haven’t had it for a few years and having myriad health issues, not having insurance has greatly diminished my quality of life. Second, I want to get organized. I’m so glad to have an appointment with a fabulous local organizer extraordinary!

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  4. Good for you! And YES, I do this too on or around my birthday.
    Good luck love. I hope you don’t need a visit to Israel to connect to Gd.😉

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