only way to go is up.

I’m all for a good vent…to close friends. But that negative energy doesn’t do too much good when put out to too many people. So for now I’m just going to look at the facts and try to keep the emotion out of it.

I am currently faced with, what I would call, the most challenging point in my life, thus far. Everything seems to be falling apart at once. But, in a way, it makes me hopeful.

A. Because, in the future, when I’m super successful and famous, I’m gonna have a SICK rock bottom story. But mostly because…

B. Existing and surviving at this point in my life makes me so grateful for all the good things I took for granted before, and now I feel like, going forward, I can really appreciate life with more gratitude than ever possible before the struggle.

I sure love a good before and after. And, honestly, that’s what I hope to do here. I want to makeover my life, inwardly and outwardly, one day at a time, and take you guys along for the ride. And if you’re in a similar situation, where life isn’t what you want it to be; let’s do this thing together. #wegotthis


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