welcome to my life.

Hi! I’m Nehama, and I can’t tell you how excited I am that you’ve decided to stop by and join me on this crazy adventure I’m embarking upon. Here’s a picture of me so we’re not complete strangers: (yes, I *actually* wear glasses)

Girl behind the glasses

Glad to meet you! I feel like we’re besties already. I’m a 20-something, mom and wife and currently working as a professional organizer. Some things I’m passionate about (in no particular order) include:

  • lists
  • organization/productivity
  • family
  • friends
  • feminism
  • beauty/fashion
  • health
  • growth/self improvement

Some pretty life-changing things happened to me the last time I started a blog. So I’m trying to tap into some of that magical stuff and create the life I want and need a second time around. If only for myself, this will be the space where I document my life’s ups and downs, and navigate the world we live in through the lens of a modern Jewish woman. Looking forward to some good conversation and new friends. 🙂

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